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Payroll Automation

Automate your Payroll processing with BRICKBOX

A game-changer for businesses, streamlining the complex process of managing employee compensation.


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Payroll Calculation Made Easy!

BRICKBOX’s Payroll Automation feature is designed to transform how you manage employee compensation. Unlock a range of powerful features that elevate your payroll processing.
Effortless Payroll Calculations

Let BRICKBOX handle complex payroll calculations, including regular and overtime hours, pay rates, and incentives.

Automatic Employee Timesheets

Wave goodbye to manual timesheets. BRICKBOX generates timesheets based on attendance data for precise payroll processing.

Tax and Deduction Management

Simplify tax calculations and deduction handling. BRICKBOX automates tax deductions, provident fund contributions, and insurance premiums.

Pay Stub and Tax Form Generation

Automate pay stub and tax form preparation for each employee, saving time and reducing administrative burden.

Secure Employee Data Storage

Rest assured knowing your employees' data is securely stored and protected according to industry standards.

Make Your Payroll Process Simple!

By choosing BRICKBOX’s Payroll Automation, you unlock a range of benefits that optimize your payroll processing and elevate your business.
Time and Cost Savings
Increased Accuracy
Transparent Payroll Documentation
Focus on Strategy

Your Reliable Payroll Processing Partner

BRICKBOX is more than just a payroll software. We offer a partnership built on trust and excellence. Here’s why businesses choose us for their payroll processing
Accuracy and Efficiency

BRICKBOX ensures precise payroll calculations and efficient processing, reducing errors and saving valuable time.

Regulatory compliance

Stay compliant with tax regulations and payroll policies, minimizing the risk of compliance issues.

Dedicated Support

Our team provides expert support, assisting you at every step to make the most of BRICKBOX.

Seamless Integration

Our team provides expert support, assisting you at every step to make the most of BRICKBOX.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

BRICKBOX streamlines payroll processing, saving you time and ensuring accuracy. Focus on your core business while we handle payroll efficiently.

The cost of BRICKBOX HR software varies depending on the specific needs and size of your organization. Get more information about pricing by calling us at 09678346338

Yes, we provide installation assistance.

Yes, your HR data is securely protected in BRICKBOX. We employ state-of-the-art encryption and security measures to safeguard your information, ensuring it remains confidential and compliant with data protection regulations. Your privacy and data security are our top priorities.

For payroll-related assistance, please contact our customer support team through the ‘Contact Us’ page on the website or call our support hotline.

Still thinking?

BRICKBOX is not just another payroll software; we are your trusted partner in achieving excellence.