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Benefits You Will Get

Ensure Precision, Uphold Accuracy, Maintain Your Workspace Culture

BRICKBOX HRMS covers a spectrum of HR functions, ensuring that businesses have a one-stop solution for their human resource needs.

Streamlined Attendance Management at Your Fingertips

Time Tracking: Effortlessly track employee attendance and hours worked.

Shift Management: Simplify scheduling with customizable shifts and rosters.

Leave Management: Manage leave requests and approvals seamlessly.

Error-free Payroll Processing for Your Business to Succeed

Automated Calculations: Accurate and automated payroll calculations.

Tax Management: Streamline tax calculation and deductions 

Pay Slip: Automated pay slips for each employee.

BRICKBOX Customers Stories

BRICKBOX’s leave management is a lifesaver for my team. No more confusion – just clear schedules and well-deserved breaks. It’s like having a reliable scheduling genie!
M. Jahed, Managing Director
Shell Automation
Big thanks to BRICKBOX for having our IT security in mind. Their ironclad data protection ensures that even as an IT manager, I can finally sleep soundly at night.
Sheikh Shakil, Business Manager
Fast Way Logistics
BRICKBOX, you’re the real MVP! Overtime pay calculations used to be a pain, but now I’m singing a different tune. Accurate pay makes my hard work feel even more rewarding!
Neev Ahmed, Business Development Manager, Flyhigh Digital
BRICKBOX has been a lifesaver for our HR team! Handling attendance and leave requests has never been easier. Our crew loves the user-friendly experience, and I get to spend more time on the fun stuff – like team-building!

Ohidul Haque, HR Manager
Monico Technologies Limited

BRICKBOX transformed our office dynamics! Managing attendance is a breeze, and our leave requests are organized like never before. It’s like having a helpful assistant on board.
Khalid Bin Anwar, GM
Finder GPS Tracking
Shout out to BRICKBOX for making our shift schedules as smooth as butter. No more headache-inducing scheduling conflicts. Our team’s stress levels have dropped, and our teamwork is better than ever.
Nowshad Zaman, GM, Finance
Monico Limited

BRICKBOX Customers Stories

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